Add a "published" read-only tag to published notes

I imported my Evernote history in Joplin in 2017 and I'm still using it everyday.... I have many, many notes in many notebooks. I operate my own JoplinServer to sync between devices and to publish notes.

Published notes title are highlighted in the notebook list, but I need to browse every notebook and scroll through the lists, to find which notes are published. I'd like to have a list of currently published notes.

Possible implementation:
The easiest way that I though about would be to have a read-only tag, managed by the client. When I ask the client to publish a note, it first synchronize the note to the server. If the client add a "published" tag to the note before sync, it would be attached to the note and available from any other client. Furthermore, the note would appear in the "published" tag list. Of course, this tag should be read-only for the user. Then, when I ask a client to un-publish a note, it could make the API call, remove the tag and sync.

Merci beaucoup Laurent pour cet outil qui m'accompagne depuis 5 ans