.ace_content: font size and width

When I set a font size like for example 16px for .ace_content in userchrome.css the line in the editor field is cut. Is there an option to set the width of a line? width does not work.

When using the ACE editor I have only ever used .ace_content for the font colour leaving Joplin’s “Editor font size” setting to control the font size. I wonder if there is a conflict between the font size you are setting using CSS and the font size Joplin “believes” the editor is using.

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I explored a bit with the debug tools.
The width is set as a style on the div with the .ace_content class, so you must force it with !important, for example. But it won’t help, as it changes only the viewport, not the wrapping.
Which is actually a hard wrapping, not a soft one. Ie. that’s not the browser setting the wrapping of lines at div border, but that’s Ace editor which cuts the lines on the fly, each line being a div (ace_line).
I guess that’s why there is the setting pointed out by dpoulton: it probably provides the information to the editor too, which uses it to measure the lines, or something like that.