About the file size limit(10MB) on mobile

It has been years later since the bug was discovered.
The rn-fetch-blob has released the version 0.12.0 already, and the beta version 0.13.0-beta.2 is released recently. I don't know if the size limit can be resolved by using the new version of rn-fetch-blob.

Plus, when reading the code, I found that you were thinking about using react-native-fs before, but declined due to this bug. This bug was fixed in 2020(mentioned there) so I think it's possible to use the react-native-fs as the alternative to rn-fetch-blob? The usages of rn-fetch-blob is few(around 10 lines).

This bug has been fixed a few years ago

Oh you are right. I tested an image larger than 10MB and I attached it successfully.
Now I wonder what is this code used for.

Anything that is not an image, for instance a PDF document or a zip archive

Seems like the resizeImage() will use react-native-fs to save the images without the size limit. If so, why we need to add a size limit to other types of file?

Maybe we could up the limit to eg 100 MB?

I think 100MB or 200MB will be fine. Some document with embedded images can easily exceed the 10MB limit.

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Out of curiosity: Why is the limit still needed?

Actually I have the same question too.

If it crashes the app, it's very hard to recover because it will keep crashing on each sync. That's why we have this limit in place

How about making the size limit configurable in the settings?

Adding things in the settings like this is often not a good idea as people will just enable it without understanding what they are doing then create tickets when it breaks. If it is available to use then it should be guaranteed to work.

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Yeah that's true.