Mobile: Attach multiple files at once

Hi there.
This feature was originally requested in this topic. Due to the limitation of the library, the feature couldn't be implemented.
However, in this commit, the library supports picking multiple images/videos at once. Can Joplin use the newer library then support attaching multiple files at once? That would be very convenient.


I think we just need to use the newer version of react-native-image-picker, from v2.3.4 to v4.x.x. Then make some changes to adapt to the new API, which returns an array of the selected media rather than a single one.
I guess the attachFile() function in joplin/packages/app-mobile/components/screens/Note.tsx needs to be changed? I have no experience of Typescript, so I hope someone can implement this.

I made a Pull Request for it.


@roman_r_m Hi. I saw your suggestion in the PR. Do we need to implement the bulk attachment in this PR?

I'd say it more of a nice to have feature rather than a blocker.

I think we can merge it first, then I (or someone else) will implement the bulk attachment in the future.
Anyway, thanks for your advice!