Ability to delay PDF export to allow plugins to render?

Joplin Version: 2.5.12 Windows 10

I use some plugins that take a moment to render (Jira Issue being one of them) in my notes. I'd like to export a note, for example a status update, with the rendered view in place.

I believe the problem is that there isn't enough time for some plugins to finish rendering before the PDF is generated.

So - is it possible to add some variable delay into generating the PDF so plugins have enough time to render?


This is a problem. At one point we added a 5s delay because Windows took forever to render PDFs. Now every time I export a PDF I have to wait 5s before it is finally exported.

I would certainly love an option (so that I can turn that back to 1s or 500ms), but I don't think that Laurent is ok with such an option. I suspect he'd rather fix the underlying problem. Otherwise I could implement such an option within a few minutes.

I haven't dove into this piece of the code yet. Are there any hooks that could be tied into that the renderer could wait for?

I guess perhaps what I'm asking, is what is @laurent 's preference to fixing this issue?

A bit of background for flavor - I have a status letter template that upper management loves, because I use the Jira plugin to display stories of interest. The plugin itself renders a small "loading" box while it's fetching the Jira info from the endpoint. Once it has the data, the render changes to the actual table. But when I go to export that to a PDF, I always get the "loading" box rather than the table.

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