A Joplin situation that top-ranking tags are missing

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Joplin 2.14.17 (prod, win32)

Client ID: 847b324dc209404f9a3327c9368b216e
Sync Version: 3
Profile Version: 46
Keychain Supported: Yes

Revision: 094175c

Backup: 1.4.0
Note overview: 1.7.1
Note Tabs: 1.4.0
Text Colorize: 1.2.5

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Hello there:

I am experiencing a Joplin situation that top-ranking tags are missing, I am here looking forward to get some support of the issue. Please refer to below screenshot for more visual information in regard to the mentioned issue. A bit of background information, I was changing hundreds of tag name of my tags in Joplin app last night, and I noticed that there were a few incidents in which I saw some unusual system behavior (some red color system message, like a red frame) that might reflects my typo of tag name but the system messages gone so fast I could not saw them clear nor can I take a screenshot.


I wonder if this has something to do with special symbols in tag names

Can you check the log for errors? I think it should be in the profile dir.

I had the same thought, so I actually created some new tag without special symbol like "aa to be managed soon 4" as shown as in above screenshot, and it is having problem, so I temporarily ruled out this part of thoughts.

I picked 3 outstanding error messages occurred during the last 24 hours or so as shown as below:

2024-03-04 18:44:54: Synchronizer: "Error: Cannot acquire sync lock: either the lock could be written but not read back. Or it was expired before it was read again.
Error: Cannot acquire sync lock: either the lock could be written but not read back. Or it was expired before it was read again.

2024-03-04 18:44:56: Synchronizer: "There was some errors:"

2024-03-06 14:03:06: PluginService: "Could not load plugin: C:/Users/yangk/.config/joplin-desktop/plugins/io.github.jackgruber.backup.jpl", "Error: Plugin was not started due to safe mode: io.github.jackgruber.backup
Error: Plugin was not started due to safe mode: io.github.jackgruber.backup

Beyond the last 24 hours, there was another error which were discussed in this forum and considered fixed (maybe), but the tag problem we are talking about for the time being was not related to this back then, the message is as below:

2024-03-04 15:16:04: shouldPasteResources: "Pasted text:", "Follow up "Joplin fatal error "Unknown profile version" - 2024/03/03"."

BTW, while I was locating Joplin log/error messages per your indication, I also ran by the folder of Joplin program, and I noticed something unusual, the folder of Joplin app is empty, but I can and am still running Joplin app right now as I am typing this post, I am not sure what this could mean.

Naturally, I cannot help but thought about the removal of multiple installation incident took place days ago, but I am not sure about the relation between here and there, below is the reference screenshot:

There was another error had been occurred couple times since around the last 24 hours (but not shown in Joplin log or it does show but I don't understand their relationship), and I was able to capture a screenshot as shown as below, same screenshot was partly shown in attached image in the first post:


BTW, turned on safe mod did not make the subject issue goes away.

I believe that you may previously have had two versions of Joplin on your system because you installed the earlier one for "Anyone who uses this computer" and the later one as "Only for me"


When installing Joplin, if you choose option 1 in the screen shot Joplin is installed to C:\Program Files\Joplin. If you choose option 2 it is installed to C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Programs\Joplin

As you have uninstalled the "Anyone who uses this computer" version the folder is empty.

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Thank you for your information, I checked it and it is what you expressed to be as shown as below screenshot:

BTW, I just noticed that in my Joplin app, the described tag problem occurs not only top-ranking section but "a few other places I happened to check on" in the whole tag system.

Am I looking at a strong odds to freshly uninstall and install the whole Joplin app? I have backup file reserved, I can import the backup file within 30 minutes, but, perhaps, you happen to know that does "Reupload local data to sync target" overwrite the cloud copy maybe (I am trying my best to find any possibility other than a scenario as you expressed in another thread)? I am imagining that will be an easier case for me if I have to start thing over, much easier than "Delete local data and re-download from sync target".

You are asking in this thread and others about reinstalling Joplin in case it can fix the problems you seem to be having.

If you are not happy with your local install and believe that the sync files on Dropbox are fine there are two main ways to "refresh" your local client. The third option below is just the second one with an added uninstall / reinstall stage.

1 - Use the Joplin settings

The "Delete local data and re-download from sync target" option will do just that. Any plugins and customisation will remain intact and the client will still be connected to your sync server (Dropbox). It will delete your local note and attachment data and download it again from Dropbox. If you have a lot of notes and many large attachments this will take some time.

2 - Reset ALL local data

However if you really want to "reset" your local client you can do the below and it will reset everything.

  1. Fully QUIT Joplin. File > Quit
  2. Rename the folder C:\Users\Username\.config\joplin-desktop to something like C:\Users\Username\.config\joplin-desktop-old
  3. Start Joplin
  4. Joplin will create a new joplin-desktop folder and a new local database within that folder. It will be as if Joplin was just installed, with no plugins, no customisation and only the default "Welcome to Joplin" notes. Joplin will not be connected to the sync server (Dropbox).
  5. Delete the welcome notes if you want to.
  6. Go to the sync settings in Joplin and connect the client to Dropbox just as you did before.
  7. Let the client pull down all the notes. If you have a lot of notes and many large attachments this will take some time.
  8. Do not delete C:\Users\Username\.config\joplin-desktop-old until you are happy all is working correctly.

3 - As option 2 but with an uninstall / reinstall

Between steps 2 and 3 above, uninstall and reinstall Joplin

You now have a fresh Joplin install with a fresh copy of your note data from your sync server. Whether this fixes your problem with tags is another matter.

Thanks for your reply, as you reminded me here and in the other thread, I will try my best to keep those discussion derives from Backup/Restoration mechanism in the other thread which with exact subject, including my further question, opinion in regard to your latest reply in above post in this thread.

Sorry for the mess-up, I had been kind of overwhelmed by a train of Joplin app situations.

Joplin has the trouble with tags on mobile devices - when notes are synchronising - part of tags block and disappear. After synchronization it appears again. It is the bug. I restored from a backup, after restoring I have the same situation.

And the bad support. On mobile device big parts of text we can highlight only from 5-10 attempts. When I wrote the main people from Joplin - they simply deleted my messages without answers.
Joplin should organize support and work with bugs.

I am adding this post as a highly related but more accurately described reference, I am doing this in order to keep things in context. A new thread is added as shown as follow:

Tags missing from tag-list but still exist in search during a many-tags editing workflow - Support - Joplin Forum.