Winget Support

Winget is a new "package manager" from Microsoft, that will soon be rolling out soon (~ weeks) to Windows 10/11 environments. It's been 1.0 for the past few months already and has a fairly large default collection of packages it's aware of already. Package manager is in quotes because it's not really a new package format at all, it uses the official installers for packages and really provides an interface for automated updates, installations, etc.

Unlike e.g, Linux environments where packages tend to have a singular maintainer or closed group who assumes the responsibility for packages, Winget is currently a bit of a community free-for-all, there's some validation process and while I'm under the impression there were ideas to be able to "claim" packages, giving exclusive control to certain users (i.e upstream devs), I'm unsure if it's actually implemented yet or has any plans to be.

Problematically then, the community keeps submitting pre-releases as if they were stable releases. The Winget client would update to a pre-release without giving the user any indication of the quality of the release, including e.g, the current 2.3 release which is problematic because of the sync target upgrades.

Github shows the history of all the packages uploaded by the community, so this problem has been going on a while.

Ultimately, I think Winget is actually a nice tool, and I can expect as it begins to roll out wider it will be increasingly adopted. As such, I think it's probably wise that Joplin adopts it officially, since it generally doesn't add much complexity but if left in it's current state could possibly cause problems overtime.

Personally I'd probably assume someone with developer authority could simply make an issue in the winget-pkgs repository and see what options are available. Would anyone be willing to get in contact with them?


We had the same issue with the Chocolatey and F-Droid repository, but they've fixed it by only deploying actually releases, not pre-releases.

I'm going to left them a message on the pull request and hopefully they can also update their process (which seems to be manual at the moment?)

Ok I've left a comment there - Update: Joplin.Joplin version 2.3.3 by vedantmgoyal2009 · Pull Request #25010 · microsoft/winget-pkgs · GitHub