Will there be an option for a non-intrusive profile switch on Mobile?

The restart to switch profiles is a bit disruptive. It’s not a dealbreaker (having the ability to switch is already pretty good), but I am wondering if there’s a chance this will be improved upon someday. Not sure how the feature is coded, so I’m unaware of how big of an ask this actually is haha.


Why do you need different profiles?

What exactly do you mean by disruptive? What would the desired improvement be?

Not needing to restart the app manually. I know Standard Notes can switch "workspaces" without closing the app for example, which is more pleasant than the app visually looking like it crashed.

It's a purely QoL improvement.

To compartmentalize. I don't want notes from different contexts of my life to mesh with one another.

Thank you for the explanation. But isn't using different notebooks in the same profile a solution for this?