Where to Find My Dropbox Code to Sync My Files

I went to sync my notes and I got this page:
joplin help
So I clicked the link, downloaded Dropbox, logged in with my Gmail, all that jazz. But now I can't find the code it needs! I went into my settings and looked at every single tab it has in there. I truly have no idea where this code is so that I can link them. D:

The code shows up, when you open the link in step1. You don't have to download and install dropbox.

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I seem to be confused the as to what exactly the first step is, exactly. What am I missing?

In case it's not clear, you need to click on that URL that's displayed below Step 1. After that, it will open the Dropbox website where you can authorize the app.

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That's what I thought... but I don't see any obvious place to "authorize the app."

Oh, never mind! I got it! The fact that I wasn't logged in before totally threw things off, so the first time I clicked the link it took my to the login screen, and then when I logged in it took me someplace completely different and it didn't occur to me to click the link again. Thank you! :slight_smile:

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