Where are my notes' .md files?

After migrating from Evernote to Joplin, I decided to try out some of the plugins, including the backup plugin. I also have my notes sync with OneDrive on Windows 10. Joplin version is 2.12.19.

As known, the default data folder for Joplin on Windows is C:\Users\me\.config\joplin-desktop. After choosing OneDrive as the sync target, it creates a folder under C:\Users\me\OneDrive\Aplicativos\Joplin (aplicativos = apps).

My notes are present here on Joplin, they all seem fine, but they're gone from the local data folder (the first directory above). On the OneDrive/apps folder, on the other hand, they're all there. Strangely, the resources (attachments) folder seems to be preserved.

Where have the notes in the data folder go? The database, css styleshets and resources are here, but not the .md files. Am I in the brink of a disaster?

The database contains all your notes. The MD files are used only for synchronisation purposes. Just for the record, you're not supposed to edit them outside of Joplin and bad things can/will happen if you do.

@tomasz86 Thanks for the quick response!
So, when synchronising,the application queries the database and exports the .md files on the fly?
About the possiblity of bad things: I don't understand; why is there the option Edit in external editor when clicking a note on the notes list with the right mouse button?
What are possible bad things to happen if you edit them externally from that option, and from the notes' files directly (on the synchronization folder under OneDrive/Apps)?

Never ever edit the files on the sync target!
If you do this, you may have mass problems with synchronisation.

Editing in Joplin with the Button Externel editing is fine, because Joplin export the file and monitors the changes to this file.

It looks like your OneDrive client is set to sync everything into your local OneDrive folder and that includes your Joplin sync data. Joplin itself does not need this as it syncs directly with OneDrive. So this is just making an unnecessary copy of the Joplin sync data on your local machine which, as stated above, should not be edited. If you want to free up some local space and reduce the risk of accidentally damaging your sync data you can set a selective sync in your OneDrive client to exclude \Aplicativos\Joplin.

Also, if you are using End To End Encryption (E2EE) then that data in the local OneDrive folder will be encrypted and unreadable anyway.

Thanks for the heads up! I thought I would be learning this the hard way!

No, I did that before: I manually copied the contents of the
folder to an arbitrary subfolder inside OneDrive, like
only to learn that this was not needed. Then I deleted this manually created folder, uninstalled Joplin, started all over.
What you see now is an automatically created folder inside OneDrive named Aplicativos (Apps), and Joplin's stuff is in there. But I followed your advice and excluded the Aplicativos folder from the selective sync.

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