What fonts can I use for Joplin?

Version: 1.0.179
OS: Windows 10

Hello, I’m a noob to this. I’m aware I can change fonts in the Appearance tab in Options, but I’m not sure if I’m selecting from a list of fonts that is ‘built in’ to Joplin, or if I can use fonts from my computer.

I was able to use Arial, which I liked, but realised it would cause the typing cursor to display incorrectly since Arial isn’t a monospace font.

I tried installing some other monospace fonts onto Windows, but typing them into the ‘Editor font family’ box didn’t change the font in Joplin.

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Hi @jwfoo555, welcome to this forum.

I don’t quite understand what you’ve experienced so far. Joplin doesn’t have fonts of itself, AFAIK. You shouldn’t need to install any monospace font on Windows, because they are already there (or at least they should be).

What happens when you choose type Consolas in the Editor font family box? I would expect you’ll get the same font as in Notepad.

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I suppose you mean how can you change the final font appearance, not the editor one.
To do that, you have to customize the CSS you find in userstyle.css, which is a file used to personalize the appearance of Joplin notes. Its location may vary in different OSs.

In MacOS it's in $USER/.config/joplin-desktop

You also have to get the name “just right” in the Editor font family field.

On Windows open “Font Settings” and search for the monospace font you want to use. Then type the font name into the Joplin Editor font family field exactly as it is shown under the font.


Hopefully that will help you to use monospace fonts installed on your computer.

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In that case you can create the userstyle.css file in C:\Users\«yourAccount»\.config\joplin-desktop\, and experiment with for instance:

body, th, td {
  font-family: Bitter, Georgia, Avenir, Arial, sans-serif;
  font-size: 13pt;
  font-variant-numeric: tabular-nums;
  color: black;

The font-family rule works as follows:

  • If Bitter is installed on your Windows, you get Bitter
  • If not, then Georgia is tried
  • If no Georgia, Avenir is tried

And so on. But I expect at least Georgia will succeed, as this is one of the standard fonts on Windows. You are completely free to choose whatever you like. For the viewer (the most right panel) no monospace is required.

Styling is one of the subjects that are widely discussed on this forum. Inspiring examples can be found here and here.

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Ah yes, I think I may just have not been noticing the difference between some of the fonts, or do some fonts not work, and the editor font just reverts to default?

@dpoulton’s answer is closest to what I was looking to clarify, but thank you everyone for the replies!

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So... It can't be resolve for non-latin fonts

  • green is true Ubuntu Mono
  • red is not the target font

This does not seem to have any effect in Mac Mojave, using name as shown in Font Book—it requires using the exact name (without the extension) as listed in the Mac Finder…


Your css appears to be trying to set everything controlled by userchrome.css to Ubuntu Mono?

Two observations:

  • If the font name contains white space it must be quoted
  • Some custom css requires the use of !important to override Joplin
* {
font-family: 'Ubuntu Mono' !important;
font-size: 11pt !important;