Well, I'm a Noob but love it Joplin

‘AS IS’ title. so i wanna found something memo apps, exiting apple notes. - almost backup plan?

  • Using mac, iphone and iPad is good matarial of apple note, but i wanna beyond iCloud
  • Agenda is very cool app in app store’s environment, but i have Things 3, so it is duplicated. i wanna ONLY memo app, not GTD app. GTD is enought Things
  • iAwriter is also Good App, but it’s only guided memo or markdown, not support encryption

so before, heard Joplin, i don’t know, because first contact is iOS app. so ‘why not mac version?’, and i think i choose right app. but something is inconvenience, it’s some inconvenience, but well all things is have inconveniences, right?

  • mac app version(electron) is Good Note Taking, but iOS app is almost reader apps or to-do checking apps. maybe need markdown editor or something editor needed.
  • lack sync option(?), recently i changed Dropbox to Box.com, because connection limit of Dropbox free plan. in my country’s proverb, ‘not pheasant? using chicken!’ so using OneDrive option.
  • almost dump in translation. 100% english is better than 80% Korean Languages. and in Pull request message, ‘한국말’ is overlapping of language. it’s korean meaning - korean language, (말 is language or speech) but english is korean language language - so this thing is very annoy, this reason, all laid down korean translation things. for now korean language is 100% translation, but maybe remained my mistaked things.

Overall, You Know Joplin is good Note taking app. and slowly liking for Joplin. thanks for making good app!

ps. maybe impudently question, What is Joplin’s E2EE algorithm?

The specifications can be found here: https://joplinapp.org/spec/