Webview PostMessage seems not to work anymore

Is it possible that it is no longer possible to trigger a PostMessage from a plugin panel? I'm using the latest version 1.4.12 and the I am only able to hit the event listener in webview.js.

I'm testing the TOC example plugin and the event listener looks currently like this:

document.addEventListener('click', event => {
	const element = event.target;
	if (element.className === 'toc-item-link') {
		const slug = element.dataset.slug;
		console.info('Clicked header slug: ' + slug);
			name: 'scrollToHash',
			hash: element.dataset.slug,

On the console I can see that the info message is printed.
But the onMessage handler in the plugin is not reached:

panels.onMessage(view, (message:any) => {
  console.info("message received");
  alert("message received");
  if (message.name === 'scrollToHash') {
    joplin.commands.execute('scrollToHash', message.hash)

The panel itself is created as in the example described.

Is there something I have to add in the latest version to get this running?

Hmm, I might have broken it then, or perhaps the Electron update changed something with posting messages. I'll check.

Thanks a lot. I've tested it with v1.4.16 and it works now as expected.
I'm already using it in my first plugin.