Webdav sync test is ok but error MKCOL locks/ and 404

i have a sync issue.
version of joplin:
Joplin 1.7.11 (prod, win32)
Révision : f560563d8 (master)
Sync with webdav from mailfence.

first, when i test the webdav sync from the root of the document folder, it is ok (https://mailfence.com/docs/MYNAME), but i created a folder named joplin, and when typing the link (https://mailfence.com/docs/MYNAME/joplin) , test is not ok. Maybe i make an error with the address....
Second , test is ok but when i launch the sync i receive " Error: MKCOL locks/: Unknown error 2 (404):"

any idea to solve these sync issues


nobody have any idea to help me

@docnash welcome to the forum.

Not being familiar with Mailfence it is difficult to say. However you appear to be getting a 404 - Not Found error. This may suggest that the path is not correct or possibly Mailfence will not disclose the presence of the folder until it has some additional configuration to allow the connection. I can only suggest you check the Mailfence documentation for enabling and using WebDav.

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