Joplin with mailfence

Hi, I wanted to use Joplin as a keep replacement, and since my subscription to mailfence gives me storage with webdav I wanted to use that.
When I the info and check it it says that all is good but when I press sync it says

unknown error 2(404)

Does anybody have a way to make it work?

Hi, i know this is an old post, but i'm actually wanting the same thing! Can't make it work though. I already tried adding a empty directory "joplin" (with and w/o capital J) and also tried adding a file in there. Nothing works. I'm getting the same error.

Did you ever manage to make it work?

Check this post with the solution, maybe: Error: PROPFIND locks/: Unknown error 2 (404)

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I got it to work! I'd needs the specific /private/ directory after the mailfence webdav URL for it to work. It looks like the public directory is accessible without the correct credentials. Only the private subdir needs the credentials.