Web clipper storing bookmark like Evernote

Would it be possible not only to store the URL of a website but also some information like title, description, and cover image if available? Similiar as it is done in Evernote web clipper with the Bookmark option?

For the bookmark feature, I am still using Evernote. I often store web pages I do not have time to read in detail and want to visit later. Title, description, and a picture help me to remember what the web page was about. I believe these desired pieces of information can be found in the meta tag in the head. (But I am not an expert …)

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The title is the title of the note, so that info and the URL you already have.

I think reading the description from the meta tag is a good idea and should be easy to implement. On the other side, this might already be too much info, if people really just want to clip the URL.
Let's see what Laurent thinks of this idea.

I'm not a big fan of a cover image though. Firstly, the meta tags for that are vastly different and you can never know, if you actually get the right one. Secondly, I really don't want a bunch of attachments for clipping a URL. While a description makes sense in case of strange and non-descriptive URL names, a cover image would definitely be too much for me.

I usually put the URL for some of my notes in manually. I simply clip the new note, highlight the URL in the browser, open the note in the app and paste it in right at the top.

@Rootman Did you know that the URLs of clipped web pages are saved in the note properties? (The rounded "i" on the right top side of the note) – I just learned this myself when I searched to be sure that my above feature request was not already asked.

@petzi53 Just to be sure, we are talking about the Clip URL feature of the web clipper, right?

@petzi53, actually I did realize this, and it comes in handy. I still manually cut and paste the URL into the note in most cases as it makes it easier to cut and paste the entire note and send it to someone via email who needs the information, the URL is included so they can keep it as a reference. I started this way back with Evernote after I needed to dispense some information to various people who also needed the URL as a backup for the info.

@tessus Yes, I started the thread referring to the Clip URL feature. But I had the impression that @Rootman is talking about clipping web pages "I simply clip the new note…". My comment was directed to this post.

Commenting on your worries about not finding the right picture: I have added two examples from Evernote. One with a picture another one without a picture. I think it is not disturbing if the picture is sometimes missing or if it is not the cover image. It serves just as a reminder of what was the bookmark about.

evernote-nextcloud-with-picture-min evernote-webhosting-no-picture-min

I agree a Bookmark feature / button would be very nice, but instead of altering the Clip URL button, a Bookmark feature should have it's own button or checkbox in a Clip URL Settings option - giving users control of what is saved in the note.

Idea 1 - Bookmark could simply take a screenshot of the page and shrink it down to a thumbnail, thereby bypassing the issues around first image meta tags, etc.

Idea 2 - URL Favicon could be overlayed on thumbnail.

Idea 3 - Simple common meta info should be included in the bookmark note, along with a clickable URL link(s).

On one side I get it, but on the other I don't.

  • The image shows you something, but not necessarily what the article is about.
  • It wastes resources (adds an attachment for every URL that is clipped)
  • Some people even wanted to clip an URL to an existing note.
  • Some people really do only want an URL, nothing else.

I'm not sure what the best way is to solve this. When Laurent thinks this is worth adding, maybe we could add additional options (include description and include cover image) when one clicks on Clip URL.
Not sure how easy that would be to add to the clipper.

@aaronxn In general a separate button is not a bad idea, but there are already quite a few buttons to click on. I wouldn't mind, but other people might get confused with so many buttons and settings.
Personally I love settings and options. The more, the better. Laurent follows another school of thought, which I have to admit probably is better for the broad masses.

I always had in mind a separate button "Clip bookmark". Yes, there are already six buttons, but I think another one would not complicate Joplin's web clipper.

I think new Joplin users have once to test every button anyway to see what exactly happens.

You're right @tessus , a checkbox or two would be the best option I think. Click URL button, then checkbox options slide into view. One checkbox for each:

  • URL - title and link
  • Selected Text - anything selected by the user
  • Meta Info 1 - text only
  • Meta Info 2 - any graphics linked in meta info, as Facebook would grab
  • Date/Time info - Meta date/time (post date, revision date), and date/time of clipping
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