View and change the author of a note

One of the described properties of a note is the author. Unfortunately, I can't find a way to display or change this via the GUI (Windows). Intuitively, I would have expected the author to be accessible via the info icon in the note properties.
Why is this important property hidden?
Can this and the other invisible properties be displayed and changed?

There is no field author in Joplin, or where did you specify an Author?

Witch other invisible properties do you mean?

There are only the following fields for notes

I missing following fileds, also listed in the table you have reffered:

  • author
  • source
  • source_application
  • application_data
  • base_url

In the info window I see only following:

With the REST API I can fill in and read out the fields I am interested in, but why am I not allowed to see them in the GUI?

Many of the fields used internaly and I don't think they are all visible in the GUI.

You can acces the fields with a Joplin Plugin, when you whant to display the content in the GUI.

Some of these fields are there to allow importing Evernote ENEX files without any data loss. For example "author" or "source_application" come from there. Since it's not possible to automatically set the author (because we don't ask for the user name), it's not being exposed in the GUI, but indeed you can access them via the API or create a plugin to display them.

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