Values stored for note object in redux store

I was getting familiar with the codebase by trying to implement a feature, and I’m stuck at a point. For doing redux state manipulations, when the reducer function sets the state, the note objects are stored with all details. But by the time it comes to the Root component, many of those details are not present in the note object (specifically, I’m trying to access the body). I’m not able to figure out where it is changing. Can you help me out here?

Would you be able to work your way back on a clean branch and share what all you changed here? That would be very useful.

I won’t be of much help with the code here but someone else may be able to.

I haven’t really changed anything. I’m working on master, and I’ve just been logging some variables to check their values. That’s when I noticed that the value of the notes in state from the reducer was different from that in the root component

I figured this out! For future reference, the fields of the note exposed to the redux store are defined in the “previewFields” function of the note model