Using Multiple Screens (Joplin Screen not showing after removal of large screen)

I am using Joplin 1.7.11 with Windows 10.
I found an issue when using a second monitor:
Last time I opened Joplin I placed the Application on the second monitor at a position that is greater than the first monitor.
Then I removed the second monitor and opened Joplin.
It opened and I could see it in the task list but could not show it on the desktop.

I did some searching and found the following file:

There I found that the following entry:

I changed the entry "x" to 10 and "y" to 10

And then the Joplin window was visible again.

"x": 2047 was OK for my other monitor but not for the built in monitor...
Why "y" was negative... I have no clue...

Deleting the file did not help either...

Is this a bug, or could I have helped myself in another way?

Thank you

I remember there were a few issues on Windows about window size, but I think they were fixed.

Multiple displays is another story and unfortunately I don't have an answer. It could be a bug upstream (Electron), but I don't know. It could be that the OS does not report the change properly.

I've seen the weirdest things with multiple displays (I'm on macOS though). I use 3 displays and between 4-6 desktops per screen. When I disconnect the external monitors, desktop 1 of each display is merged into one desktop. All other desktops are kept separate and then have just more desktops on one display.

I don't even have Windows running anywhere, but there are a lot of Windows users in the forum. Maybe someone has an idea.

This article might help. When a Window leaves the screen

If this is the issue it can happen for no reason (apparently), or if you switch default screens, or get a new screen etc. etc.

So, you alt-tab until you are focused on the correct app, then Alt-Space and move. Then move the window back onto the screen. Then forget how you did it, so in a year when it happens again, you have to search your Joplin notes for the answer (assuming that's not the app off the screen).

Thank you!
I hope I remember "Alt+Spacebar" next time it happens...

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