Userstyle.css to style TOC

In general I wish there was a guide for what default style features where controlled by what - e.g. it took me a bit to figure out that the default line below an H1 was a border and not say, a text-decoration. I tried to find the default stylesheet in the source on github, but couldn’t find one that was relevant…

Anyway, right now I am specifically wondering what CSS I would use to adjust the line spacing in the [TOC].

I’ve been thinking about adding a menu item to open the dev tools. With this you could see the whole structure of a note, experiment with styling etc. It’s quite easy to add but haven’t taken the time yet.


The TOC plugin simply renders html list items, I think that’s <li>

Edit: looks like I was wrong you’re looking for the <ul> tag

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Maybe you want to have a look at the following section in the toc README.

v1.0.159 now has the development tools under the “Help” menu.

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