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Changing the rendering of bulletted lists

Is it possible to reduce the line spacing in bulleted lists in the viewer?

My notes generally make heavy use of bullets and while it works fine, the viewer put so much line spacing between them that not only are they hard to read, they take up the whole page.

Does one of the CSS items in options offer a way to control this? If so, does anyone know how to do that?

In case system info is needed, I am on Arch Linux using Joplin version 1.0.201.

In case anyone else has this need as well, putting this in userStyle.css made a big difference for me.

ul li { line-height: 85%; }

Adjust the percentage to meet you personal preference.

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I have a related question.
I want to change the character rendered when I create a bulleted list.
Today the character that rendered in a note by defect is a bullet point, but I am looking for showing a dash or minus character. I assume I should include this change in my userstyle.css file. Could somebody help me to implement this change in this file? Or let me know how can I make a change configuration to see it if it is possible? Can I add and icon instead of character for showing in a bulleted list?

Hi, Finally, I found a way to change the userstyle.css file to change the character rendered in the bulleted list.
I have found that this happens after including this statement in this files:
character rendered when I create a bulleted list.
ul { list-style-type: '- ';}.
I know that this is a minor issue, but I wanted to change it, and I am sharing it here, just in case, somebody else wants to do a similar change.
By the way, Joplin is an awesome application. I am a fanatic taking note app user, I used first Evernote, later I used OneNote, then Notion, and finally I found the best Joplin; thank all for making it possible.