Useful keyboard on Android for typing Markdown (Unexpected Keyboard)

There is a section in the FAQ about an Android keyboard useful for entering Markdown tags that links to this post.

The other day I stumbled upon a different keyboard within the F-Droid repo called Unexpected Keyboard and I really like this thing for editing notes on Android.
It has a number of nice features that make it ideal:

  • Most common Markdown symbols are simply a small swipe away, no holding buttons or swapping to other layers
  • No autoformatting (i.e. spaces after full stops or auto corrections for other marks)
  • Arrow cursor control on a single button for precise editing or simply going up and down a column to make repetitive changes
  • No pre-configuration required, just works out of the box

The basic way it works is like a normal keyboard but also has symbols in the corners of the buttons, a small swipe towards that corner puts in that symbol which means that just on a single layer you get pretty much everything you could want - it even biases them towards the right side for easy one handed typing (sorry lefties, I looked at the settings but can't see anything to swap it).

If you are finding editing on Android a little frustrating at times, particularly when dealing with checklists then I highly recommend this.