Upgrade Multiline Editing

Currently Joplin supports Multiline editing, But in some pretty limited ways.

Currently Supported:

  • Placing Multiple Individual cursors (ctrl+Lclick)
  • Placing a line of cursors (ctrl+alt+Lclick+drag)
  • Creating a square selection (ctrl+alt+Lclick+drag)
  • Editing at multiple cursors simultaneously

Now, dont get me wrong, this is awesome, but there is some functionality I wish it had.

What I wish it had:

  • Option to Change keybinding for Multiline actions (ex. Use Alt as modifier instead of Ctrl)
  • Ability to Square Select using 2 clicks instead of click+drag (ex. Place 1 cursor, then shift+alt+Lclick to create square selection)
  • Shortcut key for placing additional cursor above/below current cursor (Refer to ctrl+alt+up/down in VScode editor)
  • Ability to place a cursor at every instance found in search (ex. In VScode, ctrl+f to search, then press alt+enter to create a multicursor selection with every instance of the search match)

These really are power-user nit-picks, and I see that this wouldnt be very useful for a lot of people. But the way I use Joplin, I would find it very helpful. Thought it would be worth suggesting :+1:.