Update Readme CSS with Link to Users Themes

Can we get from the Joplin README section about CSS to include a link to a shared repository where many people can post their Joplin themes and the best ones can rise to the top of that repository’s read me. Then these best themes can be considered for implementation as options in the main app.

Someone would need to create this repository. But finding only a couple through unorganized forum post is not the way to go.

I would appreciate this a lot because I don’t really have the time to invest into editing it a bunch, but I do like some user themes better than any of the main ones.

The only one I know about is the one I started this morning: https://github.com/Taffer/joplin-userstyles

It’s only got one in-progress style there now, and the start of a template.

There’s also a thread with some: Share your CSS

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That’s helpful, especially yours, but once again, it would be great for users to be able to store these all in one conglomerated repository with a link from the main Joplin README or a link to repository with just a README that links to repository’s like yours. Anyway one collective place other than “Share your CSS” which is frankly not the best way to find a better theme because they are all small tidbits mostly or more outdated.

This repo also exists with some examples.

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