Unfriendly export local backup

Although Joplin supports end-to-end synchronization, this is not a safe operation. Many people use the export function to back up files locally. However, as a backup, this export was not very friendly, and it produced duplicate files like -xx1/ XX-2 when I selected the same directory.

So I suggest optimizing this aspect, perhaps choosing whether to export files with the same name to keep all or overwrite them, or creating a directory in date format for backup.Thank you. It means a lot to me.

If there is any result, please reply to my email.

The simple backup plugin is a far better option for a backup as it will maintain rolling exported JEX files.

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Yes, exports aren't really meant to be a backup, are they? It's more for when you want to move it into a different note app, eh?

I believe the backup plugin will soon be installed by default so that should encourage more people to use a proper backup solution.