Unable to sync to Linux from Windows

Version 1.0.224
Windows 10 LTSC
Ubuntu 20.04

I have Joplin 1.0.224 installed on both my Windows 10 LTSC and Ubuntu 20.04 partitions on my laptop. Both installations are syncing locally to a third partition on the same drive, which under Windows is also a Google Drive folder. On Windows and across Windows installs on different machines (through GDrive) syncing works perfectly, but on Ubuntu I cannot get Joplin to download notes from either the local partition or GDrive.

I have tried setting the local synchronization folder to both the local third partition as well as the local mountpoint for GDrive through gnome accounts, and in both cases the linux install of Joplin won’t display the newest notes. What’s going on?


What format is the shared partition that you’re attempting to sync from? There has been issues in the past with timestamps being different across filesystems and this will cause syncing issues.

About the issue with gdrive, when you set up a remote drive through gnome, it doesn’t actually download all the files. It downloads metadata and will fetch the file once you click on it, I think it doesn’t even load folder contents until you click on them. Joplin isn’t made to work with that kind of system (it’s not local, it’s remote).

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Thanks CalebJohn, the information about gdrive was really helpful. Will Joplin gain native gdrive support soon?

As for the local partition, it turns out I have some lingering permission issues with the ntfs f/s which I didn’t notice before. I’ll let you know if that problem persists after I fix that.

No, unless somebody implements it and maintains it. Google is known to not have the most stable APIs.
I doubt that Laurent wants to waste his time on that.

This is not the only problem with gdrive. Joplin would need a Google-approved audit to interact with google drive and that would cost from $15,000 to $75,000 (or more). See Github. I haven’t tried but I think the only workaround for that would be if every user would register an app in the google development portal on their own.
In general I would be interested in implementing it but I am not sure if an Implementation with such a limitation is worth the effort and even more important I doubt that Laurent would accept a PR for that.