Transfer To New Server

Joplin Server 2.7.4

I have Joplin self hosted and wanted to move my notes to a new server. Already have Joplin server running on new server.

What's the best way to transfer all my notes from the old server to the new one?
But are running the same server version.


This depends on a few things. What is your storage backend for attachments?

If you use the default, a backup of the database should suffice. Just restore it on the new server and you are good to go.

I have it installed on truenas scale.
It was a one-click install
How would I backup the database for transfer?
The new server will be the samething.

Unfortunately I don't know how truenas scale installs Joplin Server.

Joplin Server is usually deployed via Docker images and the default is to use the db as the attachment storage backend.

# Backup
docker exec -it joplin-server_db_1 pg_dumpall -U joplin > db.sql

# Restore
docker exec -i joplin-server_db_1 psql -U joplin < db.sql

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