Toggle Switch for Text Input and Markdown rendering

I am very new to Markdown so have had to constantly render the Markdown to check whether my formatting is correct.

Currently to render the text on Android, the text has to be

  1. saved and
  2. the back button pressed

before the rendered markdown text can be viewed

Is it possible to use a single button to change the input text to rendered markdown and vice versa?

Just like it is implemented with the default camera app in Android, where one can easily switch between the back and front cameras with just one click.

Apologies if this feature has been requested before.


I can see it’s a bit of a problem when you’re new to Markdown but unfortunately that won’t be implemented in Android. To practice however the desktop app would work well since it has two panes and a toolbar to see what can be done in Markdown.

Thanks for the reply @laurent. I am hoping to pick up a bit more speed with my markdown. Over eight years of Evernote premium subscription and I think I have finally found the perfect alternative. Great job.


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