[toc] available in markdown

The topic is exactly what has been previously requested, but they seem to be entirely different requests. I did try and search for it.

I love the toc feature and use it a lot. The ability to export to links with pdf is wonderful. On Android though, if I'm working on a project and a chapter has sections and I want to work on part 2.4, I don't have a link to it in md. If I switch to preview mode, I can jump directly to the part I want to edit, but when I switch back, I'm back at the top of the page and have to scroll down to find the section I'm trying to work on. It would be nice if there was a faster way to get to sections in the toc for editing.

For Windows desktop it would also be nice if perhaps the plugin rich markdown or the program itself allowed us to use the outline to navigate in MD. Switching to preview and then linking to the section and then switching back gets me close which is helpful.

I've tried the outline plugin, but the problems created by the panel (like search not working right), were not worth it so abandoned it.


OP wants

  1. to keep focus when switching from preview to editor on mobile.
    Let me link it to the main topic about mobile improvements: Mobile app functionality improvements

  2. to keep contents of [[toc]] in markdown editor

Here's some non-official behaviour you can use as a workaround for this:

  • insert [[toc]] into markdown editor
  • switch to rich text editor
  • change one of the headings (for example add a space to one of them)
  • done, now you you have contents of [[toc]] in markdown editor with links to headings

Thanks. I put the buttons back for the rich text editor and tried it. All the links did was launch my web browser!?. Couldn't get your video to load. Was interesting how the links were created though. But I did find that I could use the split mode which I hate because the columns are too narrow, but in this instance it works nicely in the desktop app to have a functioning toc.

fixed it

seems like a regression to me... gotta see what's the problem.