Question if this can be done

I was using inkdrop for a while. One of the plugins was pretty cool as it created this see attached it toggles the sections open and closed.

I was wondering if there is a plugin, i've looked I don't see one. Or if there is a way to do this with markdown.


Copied from this post

Summary 1

<details markdown='1'>
<summary>Summary of folded text</summary>
Extended information which is folded by default.

Summary 2

<details markdown='1' open>
<summary>Summary of folded text</summary>
Extended information which is open by default.

If you want to put Markdown within the folded text there needs to be a blank line after the </summary> tag.

<details markdown='1'><summary>
Summary of folded text

Test List
* first item
* second item

#### Test subchapter 1

Test numbered list
1. Numbered list item 1
2. Numbered list item 2

#### Test subchapter 2

Beautiful!! Thank you very much friend,

Maybe the spoilers plugin should also be noted here, it does a similar job...

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That's true, but the above method works on mobile clients as well.

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