There is no "active-item" class on list's active item

I'm not react developer, but it seems that classes for active and inactive item in the list pane are different from version to version.
.fSkOlT afer .msLiQ .sc-AxgMl etc.

I remove almost all styles from list pane via css file but i can't have permanent css for decorating active item.

I guess that those classes of active item are generated by react.
So i would request to make active class that is permanent between builds
like ".list-item-container .list-item-container-active"

I'm on v1.2.2

Yes, that one a missing CSS class, would love for that one to be added.

Here are a list of the permanent classes that have been requested, feel free to add to it if you see others. List of CSS elements which should have a class

For information, don't use any classes with random-looking names like .fSkOlT as they can and do change with each Joplin build. Mentioned in this post (extract below)

Yes don't rely on these random names as they are generated by the styling library. For now, you can use the non-random classes or selectors like div p span {} etc to get to the element you need to target.

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