Themes and a bit more

Joplin is nearly perfect for my needs, and I’m grateful that it exists. I’d like to see a few more features added though:

  • Simple user-installable/editable themes. Maybe I could root around in the code, monkey with some CSS and maybe make something happen, but a standard file with easy-to-read variables/comments for the community to produce our own themes for the md renderer and text editor would be great. I’d like it to be accessible enough for a lot of people to get interested in creating new themes.

  • Multiple open files. I’d like a tabbed window view where I could see more than one file open at the same time (like you get in Sublime Text and many other editors). It would be even better if I could get multiple views on the same file at the same time.

  • More export options. Being able to export to html and pdf would be pretty nice too!

  • Upgraded multi-cursor support. I was overjoyed to discover that Joplin’s text editor can do multiple cursors at all. This provides a huge improvement to productivity. Please keep enhancing this feature with future updates. If it’s already there, I haven’t found how to split a block of selected text into one cursor per line. That would be handy!

Thanks for the hard work, @laurent

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I can’t speak about a lot of your points, but exporting to pdf is already supported. In fact I think it’s the most used export option.


Have you tried using an external editor? Using an external editor such as typora allows you to have all of these requested features.
Actually since you mentioned sublime text, did you know that many joplin users use sublime text? If you would like help setting up sublime as an external editor I’ll try my best or maybe someone else who has done it can help.

@CalebJohn Thanks for your offer of help! I appreciate it. However, I already use ST as my external editor, and I’ve tried Typora as well. Really, my aim is to cut down on the need to use external programs. I get that Joplin’s purpose isn’t to be a fully-featured text editor, but little things help me here, which is why I really loved discovering the multi-cursor feature. I’d like all this to be in the same place (up to a point: I’m not expecting to code in my note-taking app). I did discover that renderer themes are supported by the use of a css file in the config directory, but I want to be able to style the editor (and as a bonus, the UI, but not necessary). I want Joplin to be a beautiful place where I enjoy the work of writing and can use it to ship my work to various places directly someday (like blogs, as Ulysses does, for instance).

I can’t complain though. This is a stable project that does most of what I want. I looked at Boostnote and was put off by the exporting, organizational scheme, and a few other things, but it’s UI and themes were beautiful. If I could give Joplin Boostnote’s styling, I’d be pretty happy.

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I understand, just wanted to make sure you knew about some of Joplin’s available features. If you’re looking for new colour themes, it’s actually fairly easy to do, you just need to edit the theme.js file to add the colours that you want, and then add the theme to settings. I’m sure other people would appreciate more variety of themes.

+1 export to HTML. What I want to do is make my notes available from a website. I’ve looked into the joplin-web client project and while I would love all that functionality, the pre-requisites and complexity of getting it working are beyond me atm. I can live with my notes being r/o I just want to access them as a resource, and so I’d be happy enough exporting whole Notebooks to html page/s and manually copying to a web-server say once a week. Any thoughts on HTML export option?

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