The six Google Summer of Code projects and students have been selected!

Google has reviewed the project proposals we had submitted and all students have been approved. Congratulation and welcome to our six students - we're looking forward to see your work!

Below is the list of projects along with the student name and mentors. This year we will have a main mentor and a co-mentor for each project and in the list below, the main mentor is listed first:

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Student: Abdallah Ahmed
Mentors: Laurent Cozic, Helmut K. C. Tessarek

Improving Conflict Resolution Process

Student: Ahmed Alwasifey
Mentors: Jack Gruber, Caleb John

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Student: Mablin
Mentors: Roman Musin, Laurent Cozic

Paste Special

Student: Siddhant Sehgal
Mentors: Helmut K. C. Tessarek, Stefan Müller

Real-Time Collaboration

Student: Akash Konda
Mentors: Stefan Müller, Roman Musin

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Student: Nishant Mittal
Mentors: Jack Gruber, Caleb John

The official Google of Summer Code page has also been updated with the list of projects: