The Right Way To Install Web Clipper in Developer Mode (Chrome)

I know that this is such as a basic question, but I just can't figure it out.

Following the file, I have:

  • run npm install at the root of the project (Joplin).
  • cd packages/app-clipper/popup && npm install

The last command will create a build directory for the popup UI.

Now when it's time to load unpacked extension in Chrome, which directory am I supposed to choose?

The manifest.json and background.js files are at app-clipper/. The manifest file points to the popup at popup/build/index.html.

If I select the app-clipper folder to load into Chrome, the extension weighs 160mb because the popup directory contains node_modules.

Another issue is that the manifest file contains a key/value pair that Chrome doesn't recognize and will raise an error:

"applications": {
        "gecko": {
            "id": "{8419486a-54e9-11e8-9401-ac9e17909436}"

I ended up creating a different folder and then copy/paste all the files required for the extension to work: manifest, background, popup, content script etc. Can anyone please help?