Tags - Lower Case Only?

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I appreciate the response. Not being a developer, but just an average user, I'll respond as I'm able.

You write that you're

Try this. Now that you've imported an ABBA tag, right-click and Rename it. Once the Rename pop-up is open, just click the OK button. No need to actually make any change. What happens? "ABBA" will change to "abba". That's what I meant by "reverted."

I don't want or need two tags with similar spelling. I couldn't necessarily come up with any reasons for such a thing either. What I DO want, and what I believe many users want, is simply to have their tags capitalized when needed or wanted. I have a tag called "America." That was imported from Evernote with that capital letter. If I were ever to open and close the name of that tag, it would change to "america." Same with any other capitalized tag. There are reasons users want capital letters in their tags. The reasons are legion. The point is that users want that capability. Period.

You argue against making this change

I read that as the designers made a decision and, regardless of the desires of some number of users — perhaps a handful, perhaps more (has a survey been done?) — the software developers don't want to make a change. I think my original appelation of "an excuse" might stand. Perhaps we can agree to disagree as to whether that's an "excuse" or a "decision."

You also suggest that I believe that change needs to be researched and made

No, I believe this needs to be more closely looked at, some numbers need to be run to determine (perhaps roughly) what number or percentage of users would find such a change to be of benefit, or simply useful and desired, THEN determine whether or not the change would be worthwhile. Or, the time needed to do that research could simply be turned to actually making the requested modification. I would think that the goal is to make the software more responsive to users' needs and to the way they actually use the software, and not to require users to accept whatever limitations have been imposed upon them.

Thanks again for the response. I appreciate the conversation.

Oh, as for your last question, I need to create tags with capitalization whenever I need tags with capitalization. (I use that word rather than "case sensitivity" because I'm not trying to create multiple instances of tags that rely on case sensitivity. They're not passwords. I don't want an ABBA tag and an Abba tag and an abba tag as well as an AbBa tag. I just want my tag to be ABBA and to remain that way until and unless I decide to change it.) It's really as simple as that.



For reference, I think this and some of the other uses of .toLowerCase in the same file are the code responsible for making tags lower-case.


Ah, I understand your desire better now. I've grown so used to the Evernote export emulation kludge that on the rare occasions when I want a tag with more panache than simple lower case I just view it as a "me" problem rather than a Joplin failing. I'd forgotten the irritation I first felt in having to use the note import workaround. I agree it would be nice for Joplin itself to allow the creation of mixed case tags -- even if the tags are translated internally to lower-case for search and other database functions.

That said, the change is far down on my Joplin wish list. Right now I'm trying to track down the specific note characteristics that stall Android syncs with the dreaded "[object Object]" error despite the Windows and Linux clients not having similar sync issues.

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Thanks very much for reviewing my response! I appreciate getting this change on your list at all. Knowing that someone has looked at the situation, evaluated it, and deemed it worthy of some work is a great start. Thanks again. Best of luck with the Android sync issues. :+1:t3: