[tag] The command to create a new tag in the terminal client?

The document said:

tag <tag-command> [tag] [note]
can be "add", "remove" or "list" to assign or remove [tag]
from [note], or to list the notes associated with [tag].

But it doesn't say how to create a new one.
If I use:

joplin tag add tg1

The result would be:

Cannot find "undefined"

So what's the proper command to create a new tag?

you forgot the note

joplin tag add tg1 note1

and just before that, to be sure to reach note1

joplin use notebook1

to make joplin pointing of the right notebook then joplin tag ...

That’s helpful, though IMHO "joplin tag make [tag]" or "joplin mktag [tag]" looks easier to understand. And users can make a bunch of tags before creating the note.