Tag limit?

Since this is offline program, I assume there is no limit to how many notebooks, tags, or anything you can have right? Since even like 100k tag limit is not enough for me... I need unlimited of everything...


Yes there is no limit, only your PC power :wink:

I have 18846 tags on notes (1723 unique tags), and tagging is slow!
For me every tag operation needs about 1 second.

OK thanks that's all I needed to know!!! Slow? OMG... Is there any note program for hardcore amount of notes which has no limit, or is not slow? THANKS!

See also this topic Maximums (notebooks, notes, tags and databse size)

Not sure if you're serious. This isn't possible, your computer has limited memory and storage.

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As @roman_r_m said, you are limited by your computer memory and storage.
I assume you are looking for software that supports a huge number of notes and tags (huge is a relative term of course).
From my experience, Scrivener (paid software) was tested for about 1.5 million words. That's what they said in their forum at least. It has a tagging system, but not as smooth to use as Joplins's or Obsidian's.
Personally, I tried Obsidian with 70 GB of files (13K+files) and 2.5 K+ tags and it worked very smoothly, unless you try to open an 800 pages pdf, this takes a couple of seconds or so.

This is impressive the amount of data you have. Just curious, did search was smooth as well? I suppose if Obsidian keeps some sort of index in sqlite DB, it shouldn't be a problem.

I didn't try complex search but search with one term or two was ok. I forgot to mention that opening the vault for the first time (i.e. just after turning on the computer) took a few seconds. But I guess that's just natural given the huge amount of files.
I have no idea about the technicalities, but I guess the fact that the notes themselves are not stored in the database (may be just links to them) makes it easier to handle a huge amount of files and tags.

now you guys got me wondered. why do you need so many tags and have so many notes? I feel like I already have many wit around 10000 A4 pages.

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