Synchronizing with Dropbox w/o Internet !?!


Joplin (desktop) periodically syncs and notes the completion time.
The strange things is… I haven’t been connected to the internet since I booted up the laptop.

Why would this be?

Thanks -t0dd

Joplin: joplin-1.0.160-1.fc29.taw.x86_64 --my own RPM builds,
OS: Fedora 29
Dropbox: dropbox-2019.01.31-1.fc29.noarch

It will try to sync and then stop since there’s no connection. It won’t display an error in this case.

But it says “completed” and notes the date and time. That seems to be incorrect, IMHO

It’s not really possible to do any other way: even if there are errors it will say it’s completed, but with errors. In this case, it’s completed with errors too but we don’t display them because it would be unnecessary.