Synchronizing dropbox issues - potential data loss

Joplin 1.0.21
OS: Mac and Android

I use Dropbox for synchronizing Joplin between my Android and Mac. Yesterday I had to reformat my computer, and didn’t bother to backup my joplin files since they were on Dropbox. This morning, I installed Joplin and tried to sync with Dropbox. Nothing happened for whatever reason, and the default Joplin notes remained. After fiddling around with some options (I think I just changed sync target from Dropbox to Filesystem and back again), I synced again, and this time it started syncing, saying “uploading files”. The thing is, I think it was uploading the default Joplin notes up to Dropbox. I hope it wasn’t overwriting what I had in Dropbox, though I fear and suspect that was the case, because when I went back to my Android, all the notes were gone, replaced with a ‘conflicts’ notebook. a couple of my notes are here, but 99% are gone.

Luckily, I had the foresight to send all of my md files to NextCloud.

My first question is— are all my notes gone? Are they still in Dropbox? I’ve always been confused about how it was being stored, because before all this mess, I noticed an /App/Joplin folder in my Dropbox, but there were only like 10 md files in it. How was I syncing between Android and my Mac before?

The second question is— if my data is indeed gone from Dropbox, how do I get the 1000+ md files on NextCloud back into Joplin, preserving the organization they once had?

Update: I was able to log into my tablet, which has Joplin synced as well. Upon logging in, it started syncing, and was able to get all my notes successfully, including ones uploaded yesterday. What is happening here? It seems my notes are still in Dropbox, yet they have been overwritten in my phone and mac?

Copy these over to Mac and use File - Import - RAW Joplin Export Directory

I wasn’t aware that I could import it in this way. I figured I’d need the same format as you get when you export the data.

I’m more interested to know why Joplin wasn’t properly syncing with the data? Given that I was able to load all the latest notes on my tablet, I’m assuming all of my data is still in dropbox, but why is my mac not syncing properly? Why has my android lost all access to the files?

It seems most pertinent to understand the underlying issue. Am I missing something?

I have similar questions. After inadvertently destroying the Dropbox sync folder, I struggle to get notes back on my computer.

However, Joplin on my phone (Android) says sync is OK, but where the phone counts more than 2300 encrypted files, Dropbox shows 27.

so it sounds to me like the data is stored on your phone properly, but not your dropbox right?

I would check the version history in Dropbox first to see if it has periodically saved backups for you. This has been my saving grace more times than I care to admit.

Other than that, I am not sure how you would go about force pushing db on your mobile to sync with Dropbox. My whole issue has taught me that short of rooting the phone, we can’t get access to that db file. Maybe someone else has some insight?

Thanks for answering. I still have no idea why Dropbox seemed to be so close to empty while the phone had all notes intact.

I have now restored the Dropbox content from a backup, but even if filenames are the same as before, the timestamp (or something else) isn’t. Consequently my phone wants to fetch more than 2000 files from Dropbox, leading to a new headache sorting out all the duplicates.

also it probably is something you’ve already checked, but make sure you are using the correct Dropbox account. My issue before is that I didnt realize I had 3 accounts, since one was created when I used Google Oauth.