Synchronisation problem with later generated subnotebooks

I changed from Wunderlist to Joplin. Joplin satisfies most of my requirements. So, first of all I want to thank for this great app. :blush:
However, I have an issue with synchronisation of subnotebooks. That's my situation:
I installed Joplin on 3 devices: 1 PC (Win10), 1 laptop (Win10 too) and 1 smartphone (Android 5). On the laptop I took over the data from Wunderlist. I organised my notes in notebooks and subnotebooks. Then I synchronised it with my owncloud via WebDAV. The two other devices got the data by synchronising. It worked perfect. For the present I work without encryption.
But about 2 weeks ago I changed on the PC the note structure. I generated some further subnotebooks and moved some existing notes and subnotebooks into the new ones. After sync on my smartphone it was like expected. All notebooks, subnotebooks and notes were like on the PC.
But on the laptop I could not find the new subnotebooks. If I generate a new note in a formerly existing subnotebook and sync it I can find it on my laptop in the correct subnotebook. But if I generate a new note in one of the new subnotebooks I can't find it directly. It is to see only in the "All notes" list or if I look for it with the search field. It seems notes are synchronised but have a problem with the new subnotebooks.
How can I fix this behavior? My first thougt was to delete alle notes, notebooks and subnotebooks on my laptop and to synchronise it again. However, I think I should be careful. Would it delete all my notes in my owncloud if I delete it on a device and sync it? How can I avoid this?
My installed versions: Smartphone: 1.0.327, PC and laptop: 1.0.200 (But I had an older version when I genereted the new subnotebooks.)
I would appreciate all suggestions to fix it.
Thanks in advance,