1. Is it possible to upload my documents in .txt or .md format in my shared hosting server in a folder which can be publicly accessible and sync the files to my obsidian desktop app. Basically the sync should always happen with this one folder
  2. What are the different ways to sync a folder which is publicly accessible always via some setting or

Do you mean "Is it possible to upload my Joplin notes in .txt or .md format in my shared hosting server .... "?

No. the shared hosting server is godaddy or hostinger or blueshot - put all the files in a folder.....

example if the domain is

java tutorial .txt or .md files placed in

Now i will give the above path in any config or any text box which needs to be provided by Joplin desktop version - to auto-sync - at regular intervals and with update option to do the sync manually to pull the changed files

a. auto-pull at specified frequency
b. update or pull button to manually pull or sync

To 1) No, see also FAQ: Is it possible to use real file and folder names in the sync target?

Joplin uses its own data structure in the Synctargets. You should not edit these unless you want to have problems with the sync / data loss

i am looking for a note taking app.....not write acces....i meant one way ---> from server to local.....only local files will be overridden and not write access is only on local and NOT in server....

you are looking for an automated export as .txt or .md to a destination of your choice, right?

the shared users have to sync with a note taking app - to search the content. i want to share as read-only and shared users will have to sync..that's the idea

Any update on the reported need?