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I am new in the Joplin Community. I have a question concerning synchronisation with Nextcloud. I followed the explanations here: FAQ | Joplin. Everything works fine with my Android-Device and my Tablet (iOS). But on my Linux-Ubuntu 20.04 Laptop I get the following error indication:

request to https://[...]/remote.php/dav/files/[...]/Joplin/ failed, reason: certificate has expired (Code CERT_HAS_EXPIRED)

Die Joplin Nextcloud Applikation ist entweder nicht installiert oder falsch konfiguriert. Bitte schaue Dir die komplette Fehlermeldung an:

Unsupported WebDAV URL format: https://[...]/remote.php/dav/files/[...]/Joplin

Can anyone help?


What version of joplin are you using? A fix was put into 2.5 because of upstream electron issues after the lets encrypt root certificate expired.

Thanks for replying. I forgot to include the version. It is

Joplin 1.0.224 (prod, linux)

Client-ID: [...]
Sync-Version: 1
Profil-Version: 30
Keychain Supported: Nein

Revision: 1899d866 (arnatious/snap)

I found the solution. I didn't install the Joplin-Snap, that seems to be the newest version. I have installed the Snap now (taken from the Ubunt-Softwarecenter) and it works!

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That is a very old version of joplin, a lot has happened since then.

From the looks of it you have this snap (Install joplin-arnatious on Linux | Snap Store) which seems to not be maintained.

If you want to stay using snap then you might want to migrate to @james-carroll's snap at Install Joplin Desktop on Linux | Snap Store which is maintained.

Otherwise you could look at the official appimage for which info to install is here Joplin - an open source note taking and to-do application with synchronisation capabilities

If you have notes on that install then you should look at exporting them to migrate into an updated version unless there is some kind of snap related magic somebody else can suggest.

Edit: your update beat my post, ill leave it for anyone who might search in the future


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