Sync: last error: [object Object]

Hello, after getting an unrecognized password issue with Joplin Cloud, everything is apparently back to normal. However; I get this error message on my Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 smartphone when I try to synchronize (and nothing is synchronized)::
Terminé: 08/03/2022 09:31 (5s)
Dernière erreur: [object Object]

Completed: 2022-03-08 09:31 (5s)
Last error: [object Object]

In settings, Check config sync: all seems correct

My other devices with Joplin:

  • Tablet Galaxy Tab A7 Lite 7.8" (no problem)
  • PC Linux Manjaro with Joplin Desktop (no problem)

Edit: It seems to be resolved by uninstall / reinstall :slightly_smiling_face:

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