Sync in background

Rephrasing point stated before

Why not just ship cheap and dirty flaky background sync on ReactNative?

Let me state clearly that I feel your pain and frustration. However, we must consider the open source nature of Joplin. All flakiness, user support and maintenance burden will lie entirely on maintainer and community. All lost data will be permanently tied to Joplin reputation, not the contributor who submitted the PR.

Once again I want to say that we, as a community, see and know the problem -- we respond to user support requests popping up weekly. This is unfortunate situation for both devs and users. However, this is the path Joplin team decided is best. As a fellow developer you, @ChristianKl, might have your own tough decisions made out of necessity which had to sticked to and I hope you could empathize with this one.

Leaving things on more productive note in my mind background sync could be best achieved by completing the prerequisite standalone sync API which was proposed in past GSoC

Additionally in this post I linked what implementations were already developed which hopefully could be of use to potential contributors

Yet another project of note is Joplin with background sync service by @Chen

P.S. if there's something in this post that seems misleading or false, please let me know