Suggestions to improve the search function on Android:

Many thanks to the developers for their hard work! The computer side of this software is already very good!
Suggestions to improve the search function on Android:
Problem: When using the search function, if the word to be searched is located in a long note, the location of the word cannot be quickly located, so you have to keep sliding down the screen, which is very inconvenient.
Of course, I also noticed that there was a yellow color on the far right of the screen, but swiping was never as convenient as directly locating the keyword.
Request improvement.
Thank you very much!


I cannot stress this enough. It's an essential feature that should be present in this already solid piece of software. Searching in long notes is really something we do often.

Also, regarding that little yellow indicator, I don't have it and it would really help to start with. I'm using a Galaxy Note9 with Android 10. The app's version I'm using is 2.6.8.


yes! There really isn't this tip, I'm misremembering! The yellow colored scrollbar is only available in the PC version!

The author in the current Android version of the search has actually spent a lot of effort, I see, has been able to search the content of the need, more unfortunately, poor last step, is to locate the search to the location.

The problem is the same in the PC version.

But the nice thing about the PC version is that it has a yellow logo, and you can search in this note, CtrL-F, and you can locate it.

There we go. The horse has no saddle

Anyway, thanks to the developer Laurent.

To develop such a talented work.

Thank you. @Laurent


这问题很重要。希望能够引起开发者的注意。谢谢 @Laurent

There's already a feature request about it on GitHub, it's a known issue.

+1 for this suggestion.


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Can you please link to the feature request on GitHub? I wasn't able to find it.