Is it/will it be possible to create subpages in a Joplin?

Best, Mads

Hi Mads and welcome to the forum!
I’m not sure, what you’re asking for. Joplin has folders and notes, so what do you mean with a “subpage”?

Hi Wim,
What I mean is organizing pages in a collapsible hierarchy, but I see now that the problem is more or less solved by subfolders.

Best, Mads

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Enjoy Joplin!

It's worth noting that since markdown is converted into html, you can also make use of html tags in your documents eg this:

<details><summary>Some Summary text here<\summary>

More expanded details text here details details details details

Blah blah blah

Foo bar baz bat


Will create a collapsible section of text showing the summary but will expand to show the details text when you click on it (this is really useful when combined with the table of contracts shortcut ${toc} to create a table of contents at the start that doesn't take up tonnes of space btw)

Just an fyi, I don't think this works in the Rich Markdown editor

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It doesn't "work" in RichTE, but it remains "readable", just try it.