Start Joplin with option to chose remote

It could be the case that I simply do not find the right place to look for an option which is already there …

I thought about using Joplin in a team, which could be achieved if all team members share the same remote instance (e.g. a folder in Nextcloud shared between team members - and all local Joplin installations sync into it).

But: If I do this I cannot use a personal Joplin anymore.

Idea: Make it possible to start Joplin with an option like

 .joplin/Joplin.AppImage --sync="" --user="me" --password="secret1"


.joplin/Joplin.AppImage --sync="" --user="teammate-me" --password="secret2"

to easily switch between two instances of Joplin - or maybe even use them side by side.

Please let me now if I am totally nuts - and thank you in advance!

i’d prefered to use NFS (and export folder from server to server / workstation) so we could always use

joplin --path /path/to/my/joplin-profile server start

whereever is located the profile on the LAN (and not on the WAN because nothing exists to support that, and I don’t think laurent will want to put a finger in the auth management)

Isn’t this what --prefix is for?


How does --prefix work?

Sorry, I meant --profile .

With --profile you can specify a folder that holds configuration and notes. So you can use a private profile, a team profile and so on.