Ssh url scheme on mac

I started using joplin two weeks ago an so far I really like it. I synchronise notes from home (mac) to table (android) and work (windows) which works great.

Now I’ve remarked that a ssh://myserver Link works on Android, but not on Mac. Joplin gives me the error message Unsupported link or message: ssh://myserver.
When I try the same URL in Safari, it works, so basically the Mac would know how to handle the URL.

Would it be possible to add this feature in Joplin Mac?

So far I did not test the ssh URL in Windows.

Yes currently it only opens it if it’s an http URL but indeed other schemes should be supported. I’ve added an issue about it -

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It is hard to say anything in general for schemes , because they are wildly different. In many cases the name of the scheme is the name of a protocol which can be used to fetch the resource (like http, https, ftp etc.) but that is not hard rule, eg. the ‘mailto’ scheme indicates an e-mail address, but not a particular protocol. Some schemes does not correspond to any specific protocol, like the ‘about’ scheme used in web browsers, where the resource is not fetched via a protocol at all, but is built-in in the client.