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Some design suggestions, is this worth implementing?


This workflow should work with @innocuo 's suggestion, but instead of implementing it in userstyle.css you can simply use a <style> tag in your grocery list note. And you can make it easy to toggle by wrapping it in an html comment. You can a screenshot of this below:


I tested this on desktop and mobile and it works very well! It’s a nice idea for a workflow I might use it myself.


Excellent! You can even leave out the comments and just change the display value to something else…

(PS: A screenshot with dark grey text on a black background is quite hard to read for my old eyes.)


Sorry about that! I’ve got a bright screen


This workflow seems really strange to me. I’ve always understood unchecked checkboxes as items that have not been finished/done yet. As soon as you are done, you check it.

Anyway, it’s your workflow, but please understand that others use checkboxes the other way around (at least I’ve never heard of someone doing it your way), so make sure that you always include your workflow in any questions.

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Yes. That’s why I mentioned being able to hide all checked/unchecked items, meaning the checked items, or the unchecked items (or none). This would support either workflow.


Sorry, I meant all future questions. Don’t worry about it.



Interested in this but doesn’t work directly in a note on desktop for macOS.
Also doesn’t work in ‘userstyle.css’ after restarting Joplin.

What could go wrong?