So much more than a note taker

First of thanks for creating Joplin. It's great to have a note taking app that supports markdown and synchronisation.

After a while using it as a note taker I realised that Joplin is so much more than that. For a long time I've been wanting a different approach to writing documents rather than the standard word processing apps. I needed to write in markdown for a write-once-publish-anywhere workflow that you can get with the likes of Pandoc + a text editor, but the text editors always came up short, needing various plugins etc. Then I looked at Joplin and thought that I could use the notebook/note tree structure to hold chapters/pages/notes/links/images etc so everything is in one place and accessible. Add in the sync capability/cross platform etc and the fact that by design its pretty much distraction-free, it's perfect.
Thank you.


Then you can take a look here, joplin data api is very useful for those who like toss, reference: What's your favorite "hidden" feature? 😲 - #19 by rxliuli